Add2Work visual identity


Add2Work are a company that collects data and uses that data to increase the knowledge in order to create better results. Add2Work´s customers are salespersons working for Bell Add, coaches working for Mindstrain and Securitas. 

Task – Create an identity that visually reflects the products functions.

The logo


The Add2Work logo consists of two graphic elements, a pin and the font. I have chosen to use a pin as it symbolises the overview of an location and the pin are often used in the product. If have chosen to use the font Avenir Next for the text. I made this choice because of the readability and have chosen a heavier weight on work in Add2Work.



# 2f343b

# ffffff

# 009966

# cb6666

Motion design


As an extension of the visual identity I produced a series of videos both for the company but also for external collaborators. 


Video I created for Securitas and Mindstrain which are collaborative partners with Add2Work. They use the product to collect data and uptimise the performance of the users. The video was created in 2 days for a meeting with the management of Securitas Denmark in order to show the possibilities of the Add2Work product. I created the video in After Effects.


I created the video aimed at the retail segment of the customers. I have used the mini world to build upon the “mini world” visual style of the website.

The site landing


​When I created the visual identity for Add2Work I wanted to create a “mini artificial world”. This provides the user with an overview effect of the buildings and clouds. This decision was made in conjunction with the product, which aim to give the user a visual overview of their leads, meetings, colleagues and self development. 

The salesman page


On the salesman page I have elaborated on the “mini world” visual environment. I wanted to use the artificial elements in conjunction with “real” elements as the iPad and images of people. This makes the visual style more playful but also more relatable.